Gabrielle Nastuck Named The Laurel Highlands Tourism Trailblazer of the Year 2014

The Laurel Highlands Tourism Trailblazer of the Year is a unique honor that we have decided to bestow upon one of our members who lives and functions outside the box.  This individual isn't one who waits for others to test the waters before diving in.  The Tourism Trailblazer doesn't hesitate to try something new or to venture into uncharted areas.  She constantly exhibits creative concepts while pursuing a new tourism product or improving an existing product.  The Tourism Trailblazer's cutting-edge activities have a continued positive impact on the tourism product in the Laurel Highlands.

Although possessing strong business acumen and being ever so cautious when decisions are made, this person is willing to make a decision, lay out a plan and begin to unyieldingly pursue it until success has been achieved.  This same zest and zeal is displayed when acting on behalf or representing the region or the tourism industry in general. 

She has been instrumental in putting the Laurel Highlands on the map as a destination for visitors and is constantly helping to build the Laurel Highlands Brand.

The Tourism Trailblazer will incorporate traditional and innovative methods and wisdom in her everyday business decisions, but is undaunted when an opportunity presents itself or when a special effort or commitment is required to successfully achieve a goal or objective or to provide growth the entity that she represents.  As stated above, the Tourism Trailblazer is cautious, but not tentative.  She is willing to give a 200% effort for the success of tourism initiatives in the Laurel Highlands and will be prominently involved in the activities of the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau.

On behalf of the Laurel Highlands Visitors Bureau, it is my distinct honor and privilege to award the Laurel Highlands Trailblazer of the Year for 2014 award to Gabrielle Nastuck, Director of the Latrobe Art Center.