The "Art" of Santa Claus-Wednesday Words of Wisdom with T.K.

It’s Christmas Time. You go out to the store and you see- a cut-out, a statue, or a picture, pick one, of Santa Claus. He’s dressed in his usual outfit, red hat and coat, boots and gloves.  Later, you go to another store and see another Santa Claus, this one is similar, but, the colors of his clothes are different and he’s noticeably thinner than the one you saw earlier in the day. Finally, you go out to dinner and when you walk in to the restaurant, you see the specials with another Santa Claus. This one has tattoos, ripped sleeves, muscles, completely different. So, that’s at least three different interpretations of the Jolly Old Elf that you’ve seen in one day, all acceptable, all valid. That’s really a comment on Art and on Life. With Art, there are many different interpretations that can be applied to the same project or concept that are all equally acceptable and valid, none better than the other. We all know that Art is expressive and personal, and this Santa Claus illustrates how the same craft can be interpreted in many different ways. The way someone draws, paints, molds a craft is their own personal choice depending on how they are feeling, how they see the craft, it’s a personal choice. As such, you will have many different variations of the same craft. Now, in life, there are a myriad of ways to going about or accomplishing the same task, such as talking, walking, eating, singing, dancing, just to name a few. Myself, sometimes, I communicate through written notes, others communicate through sign language. Is one way of talking better than the other, no. We’re all different and unique individuals and as such, we have our own unique ways of accomplishing daily tasks, none better than the other, none right or wrong. Having our own unique skills, abilities, interpretations, that’s what makes us special and that’s also what Art is all about!! Alright, well, that’s all the time I have today, so, until next week, take care, be safe, and goodbye everyone, have a great weekend, I’ll see you right back here next week!!!