Meah's Motivations

Hello everyone! I’m Meah and I'd like to welcome you to “Meah’s Motivations”! I'm a lover of art in all of its forms and I love using art to help others! I took dance for 14 years and that inspired my love of music! I always enjoyed painting and making crafts, but never felt that my creations were “good enough”. However, 8 months ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and later declared legally blind. I then realized that art isn't about skill or talent, it's about self-expression, emotion, and most of all-the way it makes you feel! Art makes me feel GOOD!! It makes me feel motivated. The best part about art is that there are no wrong moves in art. It motivates me because I can start a painting without fear of making mistakes, doing an inadequate job, or my art not blending in with others' creations. The point of doing art is being unique and showing the world a little bit of yourself in each project! Art is like medicine for my mind and soul. While I'm painting, or listening to a great song, or performing an expressive dance piece, I feel no stress! I feel weightless and free! I feel like I'm where I belong and there is no better feeling.