Words of Wisdom Wednesdays with T.K.

I’m T.K., which is short for Trevor Kerr. Quick background on me, I am 25 years old. I went to WCCC for Multimedia technology with a focus on video, video editing. Many have told me that this Multimedia work is a form of art. Now, let me also point out, I have something called Asperger’s Syndrome. The long and short of it is, it makes it hard for me to interact with others. With all that said, let me now talk about Art. Art is subjective, meaning it is something different for everyone, it represents something different for everyone. But what is it to me? Art has really given me a voice, a way for me to express myself and relate to others. When I create a video, whether it be a video blog, a video for entertainment purposes, a slideshow, what have you, it needs to tell a story, right? That story is partly up to me and as such, Art gives me a medium that I can talk to others in without doing so necessarily face to face. To add to this, or illustrate this point even further,  I have watched children with special needs, like myself and even with some more profound than me, create beautiful pieces of art as a way to express themselves. Of course, Art has also boosted my confidence tenfold, here’s how. When I post my videos on Facebook, Youtube, any social media site, I get comments and likes on them. The response, the likes on the videos, it confirms to me that I’m doing something right, that I’m contributing something to society and that in turn boosts my self-confidence. Now, I’m not going to lie, I still have my challenges, but, I feel like thanks to Art, I have more confidence in the man that I am and what I can do and at the same time, I feel like in some ways I relate better to others. I would say, without this Art in my life, I don’t know who I would be or where I would be.


Please, join me on Wednesdays, right here, for T.K.’s Words of Wisdom, where I’ll discuss observations about a wide array of topics viewed from My unique perspective.


Until then, take care, be safe, and goodbye everyone, have a great weekend, I’ll see you right back here next week!!