Musical Motivation

Something that has always been a big part of my life is music! Music can motivate me, help me stay focused, and help keep me relaxed. Over the past year, music has helped me so much! I learned to use music almost like medicine. Before my surgeries, I had a playlist that I would listen to in order to keep myself calm and remind me that everything would be alright! Music helps give me a boost when I feel upset and helps me feel energized.


More recently, playing instruments has given me a new hobby and has helped me to regain skills such as memory, focus, and patience. Over the summer my family and I went to a concert. A band called The Lumineers was the opening act. I've always loved their music but getting to see the band live was amazing! The band has a cellist and I became fascinated with watching her playing the gigantic yet elegant instrument. This prompted me to ask my mom if I could buy a cello. We found a student cello online and I began taking lessons. Despite the fact that I am visually impaired, playing cello is possible for me because playing it is based on muscle memory, and also being able to hear when notes are too sharp or too flat. Playing cello makes me happy and gives me a sense of accomplishment, just like doing art does!

To anyone who feels stressed or like they need to find a new hobby, learning to play an instrument is a wonderful idea! Even if you don't think learning an instrument is for you, exploring music in general is very therapeutic and motivating!