Strides with Stress

This week, my good friend TK and I will be discussing stress to show that each and every person has a different perspective and that is what makes being human exciting!



Most people don't think of stress as a good thing. Stress keeps people awake at night, makes us feel uncomfortable, and can be extremely frustrating. However, a small amount of stress is what motivates people to do their best and not give up on their goals. For example, students often stress about their grades. Worrying that they won't do well on tests is what motivates them to spend some extra time studying and more often than not, their hard work leads to getting a grade they're happy with. A person who has no stress or doesn't worry about whether they succeed or not has nothing pushing them to try harder.


Over the past few months, I've felt stressed because I don't know when I'll be able to get a job or return to college. Worrying about when I will accomplish these things is what encourages me to practice reading, writing, and math to prepare for the future!


Of course, too much stress is bad for our physical and mental health. I'm sure everyone reading this has dealt with being overly stressed at some point in their life. I hope that you can see how a small amount if stress is actually healthy and helps us strive to improve ourselves and our lives. Please check out TK’s thoughts on stress which will be posted this Wednesday! Have a wonderful week!