Since last week, everyone has been talking about their New Year's Resolutions. Most people say they want to eat healthier, lose weight, quit a bad habit, etc. My resolution is a little bit different than most. My resolution is to always be myself and not fear being different. Art is definitely a great way to express what is unique about yourself. In visual arts, no two paintings of the same object look alike. In dance, each dancer adds their own flair to the same choreography, and in theater and music, each performer sings differently or portrays their character in a unique way. In the past, I was different, but not so open about being different. I kept to myself and never expressed how unique I was. Now, I aim to change that. I've learned that being unique is fun and being fully yourself relieves a lot of stress. I hope that through art, music, and the things I do everyday, that I will do what I feel is right...regardless of whether I will fit in or not. I urge all of you to think outside of the box and stop trying to fit in or be the same as everyone else. Being YOU is the best thing you can be! Have a great week!