Reasons to be Artful

The world is full of so many different types of artists: poets, painters, dancers, actors, choreographers, and musicians. What drives these artists to do what they do? The answer is simple, they love the feeling they get from their art form.



This week, I would like to describe the feeling that I get from several different types of art. I love dance, choreographing, drawing, painting, playing music, and writing. Despite the fact that all of these forms of art sound very different, they share a lot of commonalities.

First of all, art gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. Whether it be choreographing a whole dance, finishing a poem, or perfecting a song on an instrument, all of these things make artists feel proud. Second, art is a way to express emotions, tell a story, take out frustrations, and just relax and let go of worries. In addition, art is wonderful because nobody is judged for their  Art is about expression and happiness. When I'm creating, I feel worry-free and feel like I'm exactly where I belong. Everyone fits in when doing art. Finally, art is incredible because it can impact others. Some people will listen to a song, view a piece of art, or read something and have an immediate reaction to it. What you create can inspire others, make them feel a specific emotion, or motivate them to try art for themselves!


To everyone who is reading this, please know that art is so, incredibly good. It’s good for your mind, body, and soul. If you don't do art yet, I highly recommend starting. Once you find what type of art suits you, all you have to do is give it your all. Don't worry about how your art compares to others, worry about how you feel when you're creating! Hopefully it will make you feel great! Have a great week!