Facing Your Fears

This past weekend was my younger sister’s last high school musical. Heading into the weekend, I was nervous about how I would handle going to see the show. Going to crowded events is very difficult for me because my brain is easily overloaded by being surrounded by a lot of movement and noise. When I experience “sensory overload” I often get very emotional and sometimes have panic attacks. Also, the weekend was nerve-wracking because directly after seeing the musical last year is when I got extremely ill and they found my brain tumor. I now have PTSD so I was worried that I may have flashbacks and severe anxiety this year.



Despite all of these worries, I pushed through and went to see two out of three shows! So, you may wonder, what causes me to push through these challenges? In this case, I definitely didn't want to miss my sister’s senior musical. That was one motivating factor. In addition, I've learned by experience that when I step slightly beyond my comfort zone, it usually brings rewards. Lastly, when facing a challenging or uncomfortable situation I stop and think about the extreme challenges I faced last year. I remind myself that no matter what, nothing will ever be as painful or difficult as the obstacles I faced at this time last year. I'm motivated by the fact that everything from post surgery forward should be much easier than what I've already conquered.


My advice for you when you're feeling uncomfortable or anxious is to focus on the good that could come from challenging yourself. Try to think optimistically about the situation. Don't focus on what could go wrong, but rather how good you'll feel if you overcome your fear and worries. Have a productive, worry-free week, and don't be afraid to challenge yourself!