Ride The Bull

In life, day in and day out, all of us, no matter who we are, will encounter challenges and chances for us to step outside of our comfort zones. Now, when we encounter these challenges, we have two choices, we can face the challenges head on and step outside of our comfort zones and push our selves, or we can work around the challenges and let the challenges stay in place, effectively letting them control us. I believe that in life, when opportunities are presented for us to step outside of our comfort zone, for us to challenge and push ourselves, we must take those opportunities. Here’s why. In life, you grow, you mature, you get stronger by trying new things, but pushing yourself, by stepping outside of your comfort zone. You get stronger by facing the challenges head on. You don’t need to be 100% successful when stepping out of your comfort zone or facing your challenges, odds are, you won’t be all the time, but at least you’re trying and pushing yourself. When you ignore your challenges, and the opportunities to push yourself and step out of your comfort zone, you are effectively letting them become worse and harder and harder to overcome, hence letting them control and rule your life. Let me give an analogy. You are about ride a bull. You are scared of riding the bull, but, you want to try something new. So, you get on the bull and ride around a while, but, after only a few minutes, the bull tosses you off. However, you rode the bull, and tried. The Bull represents the challenges, and you riding it is you facing the challenge head on. Trying your best on the bull is you pushing through the challenge and not letting the challenge getting the better of you. Finally, the most important part of story, you getting thrown off. Sometimes, when we face our challenges head on, they don’t always go the way we expected, but, you must not let that discourage you, at least you tried something new.  Now, on the flip side of this story, had you decided not to ride the bull or not tried your best on the bull, you’d be letting the bull control you, letting the bull ride you which is a metaphor for not facing your challenges head on and letting them rule your life and control you. Also, its important to remember here that you don’t want to face too many challenges at once and overwhelm yourself, baby steps. So, let me leave you with a question this week. When you are faced with an opportunity to push and challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, what will you do? Will you ride the bull or will you let the bull ride you?

Alright, well, thats about all the time I have today, so until next week, take care, be safe, and have a great weekend, I’ll see your right back here next week!