The Art of Making Friends

Sometimes encountering someone who is different than you can be a bit intimidating. I hope that my blog today will help you to meet new people and hopefully make some new friends who are “differently abled”. You'll hear me use this term often as I don't believe the word disabled is a good way to describe people, including myself. Speaking from experience, here are some words of advice when it comes to having or making friends who are differently abled.

  • Don't address their differences right off the bat. Strike up casual conversation to show that you feel connected to them.

  • Be patient, some people have trouble communicating how they feel or feel uncomfortable with new people. It may take a decent amount of time to earn their trust.

  • Don't treat them as though they're any different. The last thing anyone wants is to be talked to or viewed as though they are “too different”.

  • Do some research if you know their diagnosis. The better you understand how they feel, the better you'll do at making them feel comfortable.

  • Ask them if they're comfortable with answering questions about themselves. Personally, I'd rather be asked questions than people assuming why I act a certain way. Use good communication skills and try to be honest and polite! Keep things upbeat and carefree!

Have a great week and go out and make some wonderful, unique friends!