Good Neighbors

This morning, I want to shine the spotlight on an incredible individual. An individual who PBS aired a special about just last evening, and an individual who was really the best of humanity. I’m speaking of course of Mister Fred Rogers. I remember when I was younger and in my childhood watching “Mister Rogers Neighborhood”. I enjoyed it as a child, and I found it engaging and also I learned from it. Now, as an adult, when the show is on sometimes on Sundays, I still watch it, however, I watch it differently now. As an adult, having experienced many things, having seen many different types of people, I watch Fred Rogers with a new vision. Now, I see a man who treated everyone as equals. A man who was his real and honest self all the time. He didn’t put on a charade or act out a character, he was real. He helped people when help was needed on his show. I can confirm that he was as warm in person as he was on his show, because there was one time at The Latrobe Country Club that I met Mister Rogers. So, what’s my point? My point is, Mister Rogers treated everyone with respect. He accepted people and in fact loved people just the way they are and he didn’t want them to change for anyone. He was real and honest with everyone, no matter how hard when he’d have to discuss difficult issues on his show. That’s the kind of people we should all strive to be, right? We should all accept each other as they are and certainly not try to change them, we should respect each other. We should all be real and honest with each, no matter how hard. We should all help each other when needed. After all, isn’t this all what Good Neighbors do?

All right, well, that’s about all the time I have for today, so, until next week, take care, be safe, and goodbye everyone, have a great weekend, I’ll see you right back here next week!