Weathering the Storm

We all have difficult times in our lives that make it challenging to keep a positive outlook on life and our future. But, it's important to allow negative events in our life to give us confidence and optimism for other troubles we face.



Many people ask me how I always have a smile on my face and how I've stayed so optimistic and energetic over the past year. The answer is, I've thought back to all of the other obstacles I've faced in the past. When I was 8, my father was suddenly killed in an impaired driving crash. At the time, this was the worst thing I had ever experienced. But with support from my family and friends, I got through it. I used that experience to help others and make a difference. So, last year when I was diagnosed and then faced surgery, I focused on the strength I had in the past. I kept telling myself that if I got through those problems then I could get through this too. Now I focus on how I can use this experience to help others. Don't be fooled, I do still have bad days, but I always know that things will get better. Now I know that because I've made it through this year, I can make it through any other struggles I've faced in the future.


When you face tough times, focus on what you've already conquered and surely you'll weather the storm! Have a wonderful week and always hold your head high!