Finding Balance

Today in church, my pastor talked about finding balance in our life between work, school, other activities, and still finding room for God in our lives. He then explained that God is the foundation, and without him all of the other things in our lives wouldn't happen. God is the key to finding balance in our lives.  This got me thinking about my life and how it has changed recently. I began to think about the path God is leading me down and how my life is balancing out. Balance is something that we all try to find in our lives. It's important that when we aren't busy and stressed out, we take some time for relaxation and self-reflection. Over the past year I've tried to find balance in my life again. Without being able to be in college and not having an official job...I always felt bored, lazy, and frustrated. But, with the opening of Miss. Gabi’s studio, I now feel like I have a purpose and that I'm more capable of doing some tasks than I originally thought I'd be. Plus, I have amazing friends at the studio. I'm starting to feel like my life is balanced and it's all thanks to the new purpose God has given me. Have a great week, and try to spend some time finding balance in your own life!