A Reason

To start this week, let me share with you all a story I heard on a tv show, Designated Survivor last week. “Farmer’s horse runs away. Bad luck, neighbor says. Maybe, farmer says. Horse come back brings a second horse. Wonderful, farmer says. Maybe, neighbor says. Farmer’s son takes the new horse for a ride, he’s thrown, breaks his leg. Bad luck, neighbor says. Maybe, farmer says. The next day, the military drafts every young man, except the farmer’s son.” My point in sharing that story is that, I’ve been told and I believe that everything happens for a reason. However bad something might seem, it all happens for a reason. Maybe the reason is to inspire us, maybe it is to save us from something, you name it. The reason doesn’t necessarily always seem positive, but more often than not, it leads to very positive things.  Last week, I talked about how I left La Roche College and how I wondered “What if” and how there was good in that decision. Let me revise that and say, I think the whole La Roche College experience happened for a reason. Maybe I needed to learn what it was like to be independent. It could be that it happened and went the way it did because I needed to make friends or needed to make new friends and that’s just what happened as a result of the Laroche College experience. Maybe the La Roche experience happened because I needed to learn something about myself or grow as individual. Additionally, I know that if I hadn't left La Roche College, I'd never have the friends I have now, and the friends I have now, I need people like them in my life. So, in the end, there was good in the decision I made. Here’s my point this week. Whenever something happens to you, good or bad, you must not only look for the good in the decision as I discussed with you last week, but you must also try to figure out why it happened, the reason. The reasons behind certain things maybe hard to figure out or even acknowledge, but, once you look at why something happened, and recognize there was a reason for it, then you can use that reason and learn from it, and get something positive out of it. Our decisions and the reasons behind them, whatever they are, they will always lead us where we are supposed to go. The reason something happened, at its core, we learn from, we grow from.  This week, when something happens, good or bad, try to figure out why. What am I supposed to learn from this? What is this supposed to do for me?

Alright, well, that’s about all, the time I have for this week, so, until next week, take care, be safe, and goodbye everyone, have a great weekend, I’ll see you right back here next week!

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