The Flip Side

We’re all familiar with Coins, right? They have more than one side to them, and as humans, we all have more than one side to us.  Let me illustrate this with a few examples. Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde, we’re all familiar with that story right? Dr. Jekyll is a mild mannered kindly doctor who drinks this scientific potion and turns into a beast Mister Hyde. Let’s talk about a second example. On Agents of Shield, theres a character, Fitz, Leopold Fitz. Last season, he discovered a side to him, a darkness that he’s struggling now to reconcile. A final example is me, T.K.. There are different sides to me. First, there’s a serious sides of me, which comes out when I’m working on my blogs for Gabi, my video blogs, whatever it might be. Secondly, there’s my more goofy sides that comes out when I’m hanging out and talking with my friends. Finally, theres a caring side, a reassuring side that comes out whenever anyone needs help. Now, a few points here. First of all, we all have more than one side to us. We’re multidimensional beings. Many things can affect what side of us is present at certain times, such as what we’re doing, where we are, who we are with, all that good stuff. Secondly, we must embrace all the sides we have to each of us because we are who we are. The sides for each of us can be influenced by our values, our believes, and even our upbringing. For me, I think my sides are influenced by my upbringing, my values, my work ethic, and my outlook on life. There are sides for all of us of course that we all don’t like, sides that we’d like to get rid of. Let me offer two examples here. First of all, sometimes some us have a jealous side to us when we have to share. Secondly, for me, I’ll admit, I have a side I’m not crazy about, my angry side. Sometimes when I get angry, I say stuff I might not mean, as we all do, I’m not crazy about that side of me. But, having many sides to us, it only makes us human.  All the sides of us, the good and the bad, they’re all part of us. Now, yes, if you have a side to yourself you think could be better, you can absolutely manage it and try to make it so. However, my advice this week is, not to judge someone solely based on the side of them you see at first, because people have many more sides than just one. We’re complex humans. Additionally, embrace all the different sides you have, they’re part of what make you unique and they’re part of what make you human.

Alright, well, that’s about all the time I have for today, so until next week, take care, be safe, and goodbye everyone, have a great weekend, I’ll see you right back here next week!