Different Paths

When you're different, it becomes even harder to not compare yourself to the people around you. This past weekend was tough for me. My younger sister went to her senior prom. Her year is wrapping up and she'll be heading to college in the fall. In her group of friends were a few juniors all of whom were discussing their future plans. I started to get very upset, and even a bit jealous. Most of them have such open minds and endless options for their futures. Nothing is limiting their career choices. Personally, I'm still not ready to go back to college. And when I do pick an area of study, I'm rather limited now. Being visually impaired there are many jobs that I wouldn't be able to do properly. It's frustrating to be held back by something that you have no control over. But, eventually I had to stop and realize that I should be so proud of my sister for her accomplishments and be happy as I watch others consider their future with complete open-mindedness. What happened to me cannot be changed and for reasons unknown, this is the path God wants me to follow. In order to be more confident in myself and trust this journey, I need to learn to stop comparing myself to other people. We all need to learn to quit comparing ourselves to others and to focus on ourselves and what we have accomplished. As hard as it may be, we have to trust in the plan for us that is always changing. I hope you all have a wonderful week with time spent focusing on your own goals and past achievements. Just remember, nobody else is in the exact same situation as us, so we can't even try to compare our achievements and plans to theirs!