Last week, you’ll recall, I talked about Family, and how it is important and not just another F word. Now, I have another F word to talk about, Friends. Friends, what are they? Friends are people we surround ourselves with who understand us, have things in common with us, support us, help us, and more. Friends are people we look out for. I would argue that in some cases, Friends can even be family. Me, I have quite a few very good friends. My friends support me, help me when I need it, give me advice, look out for me. And, in return, I help them when needed, give them advice, understand them. You all know my friend, Meah, she does the Motivational Mondays blogs. She is one of my newest friends and a very good friend to me. I help her, I give her advice, and I’m there for her when she needs someone to talk to. In return, she is there for me, understands me, and is there for me when I need a friend too. My point in talking about friends is this. I think, in life, friends are important to us. In my case, friends give me people to talk to and interact with, human contact if you will. Friends have different significances for each and everyone of us. Friends can life us when we’re down, friends can give us people to talk to, friends can do so many things. It is for that reason that I believe having friends and maintaining friendships is something that is very important for each and everyone of us to do. Whether you and your friends all live in the same area, or if you’re separated by different states or countries, you can still maintain strong friendships. Friends are certainly another F word, but, they’re not a bad F either.

Alright, well, thats about all the time I have for this week, so, until next week, take care, be safe, and goodbye everyone, have a great weekend, ill see you right back here next week!

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