Everyone feels pressure sometimes whether it be from our family or friends directly, or from what we see others around us doing. Some pressures are easier to resist than others. But, we have to keep in mind that nobody can make our decisions except us. We have to feel like we are as prepared as possible before we make choices. For example, I can't go back to college until I'm 100% sure that's what will be best for me. And I need to make sure that I'm as prepared as I can be for college and all of the responsibilities and stress that it brings. Even if others feel that I should go to college as soon as possible, ultimately I need to make that decision myself. It's ok for others to want us to reach our full potential but it's also ok to respectfully defend our choices and explain when we feel we aren't ready to do something yet. Every person moves at their own pace and just because one person is at a certain point in their life, that doesn't mean that their path is the right path for everyone. There is no need to rush through life. And there is no reason to let others control our entire life because we will be the one to live with the choices we make. Remember to keep your head up and remind others that it's your life and therefore it's all up to you to decide! Have a great week!