I can't begin to describe what it's like when what you've done for 20 years suddenly changes. Recently, I've picked up several hobbies that I never focused on before my diagnosis. Most of my new hobbies are assumed to require perfect eyesight, which I just don't have, and most likely won't ever get back. These hobbies include art, photography, and playing instruments like cello and ukulele. With most of these things I've been asked, How do you do_________? You can't see!" My answer is simply, "I see a tiny bit." Personally, I would rather focus on what I do see, than what I can't see. If I let my lack of vision stop me from doing things, I would sit at home all day, listening to music. But not watching tv, not drawing, never going to see musicals, never reading. I'd much rather try and feel fulfilled than never try things that I think will be difficult or frustrating. Of course, some things are not safe for me to do alone. And everyday I discover what's worth trying and what isn't. Everyone has changes they must adapt to, but we can't let our differences define us. Have a great week! This blog will also be posted on my personal blog ! Feel free to check it out!