If you were to walk through my house.... OR my office, you would find yourself surrounded by QUOTES!  Quotes posted on the refrigerator, quotes posted the office wall, quotes on my dresser, tv, nightstand, mirror. . .just everywhere!  I strongly feel quotes keep you motivated.  To me, it's a powerful reminder of who I AM, and who I want to become. There are quotes I say every day....phrased I repeat in my keeps me grounded.

My favorite thing about quotes is....when they pop up at just the right times.....through social media, a billboard sign, a license plate, in a store. . . PERFECT TIMING.  This is when God and the Universe are talking to us, like a conversation.  They are showing us a sign through a quote to remind us of's their turn to talk!!

I remember driving in traffic one day and I was a little annoyed.  I started talking to myself in the car. . .and next thing I knew a car passed me that had the words "BHAPPY" on the license plate!  I immediately started laughing and said "I AM!! I AM!!"  Quotes just make me feel good. ooooh so good!  And I want to share some of my FAVORITE quotes with YOU!

"In every moment of life, you should be what you ought to be."
"By doing what you LOVE, you INSPIRE and awaken the hearts of others."
"Make the world a better place for every soul, not just your own."
"If you can dream it, you can do it."
"Everyone said to Vincent Van Gogh, 'You can't be a great painter, you only have ONE ear.' And you know what Van Gogh said?  'I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
"ALL you need is LOVE." 



ELLEN inspires me because of how giving, loving, and kind she is.  What I love about her the most, is that she takes her show and eliminates the negative, the controversies, and completely focuses on the GOOD.  Imagine if every TV show did that what a different place this would be.

You hear a lot of her viewers say  "it's the one hour of the day where you laugh and smile!!"  AND THAT TRULY IS THE TRUTH!!  I find myself watching Ellen and smiling, even through the commercials!   

I started watching Ellen 15 years ago when she was on at 11pm at night.  When her show moved to 10am in the morning, I started RECORDING it while I was at work.  On the weekends, I would have an Ellen Marathon - 5 hours of Ellen in a row!  I would dance when she danced, and imagine me dancing right with her.  

I always looked up to her as an example of someone who didn't give up.  She went through a hard time in her life, but she kept on going.  She didn't listen to the noise that was around her.  She blocked out the negative and focused on the positive.  And look what an amazing example she has set.  When she gives money away, or gives surprises to her audience, instead of saying "I wish I had that," . . . . I always say "That's exactly what I want to do someday!" That's what it's all about!  Thank You Ellen for making me laugh, smile, and feel good!! 

Why PINK??

Pink is just FUN!  Again, she is another example of how she doesn't let anything stop her.  Her songs have inspired me to be ME!!  Her lyrics are meaningful.  F@#king Perfect and Raise Your Glass were the two songs that I would often sing in the car on the way to work in the morning.  When I see her perform in mid-air, I get chills, you can feel her confidence and passion oozing out of her!  She's just one person that I truly feel is artistic, unique, and no one else could dress like she dresses! - I would just love to hang and eat dinner with her!!



Oprah has been a part of my life since I was in elementary school.  Watching her show when I would get home from school at 4pm everyday.  My FAVORITE THINGS episodes were my FAVORITE!!  But it truly wasn't until she developed her OWN channel that I became truly connected with her.

I have always had anxiety.  Panic attacks come and go. . .and everyone always told me I should meditate.  I laughed.  I said "yeah right. . .me meditate.  Not going to happen!"  Then one day - my friend gave me Deepak and Oprahs 21 Day Meditation.  She said try it.  I think you'll like it.  I downloaded the app but never did anything.  Til one day, when I was so filled with anxiety that I said, I HAVE to try this.  I went on the website and it just so happened that a NEW 21 Day FREE MEDITATION was about to start.  I signed up. . .and from that point on. . .it changed my life.  If I didn't start my day with Oprah and Deepak I would be anxious for the rest of the day!  It was amazing how calm they both made me feel.

When I was director of the Latrobe Art Center, I worked 6 days a week.  Sundays were my only days off.  In May of 2017, when the stress was to the max, one Sunday morning I came across Oprah's OWN - Super Soul Sunday show.  As I watched the episode, it went parallel with what I was experiencing at the time.  I remember crying for the whole hour because I felt RELIEF.  Finally, someone understood ME!!  I wasn't CRAZY, I wasn't alone in the world!  From that point forward, I named my Sunday's Super Soul Sunday's - and every week at 11am I would watch Super Soul Sunday Episode.  And it never failed, every week - it related to what I was feeling that previous week.  Again - I would cry, I would jump up and down with joy, I could feel the love and light inside me ooze out!  It was amazing!!  Super Soul Sunday would mentally prepare me for the week ahead. 

When Oprah talks, I feel like she's talking directly to ME.  What she says, and how she says it - is always on point.  I feel a connection with her.  She has been a huge part of helping me realize WHO I AM, and WHO I TRULY WANT TO BE.  She has helped me realize MY WORTH and VALUE.

If she was sitting next to me now, I would simply hug her and say "THANK YOU, I am grateful for you!"