Art is Good Foundation is powered by founders, Gabi Nastuck (a.k.a. Miss Gabi) and Tim Kelly (a.k.a. Mr. Tim) who have dedicated their lives to ART.  Individually, each has benefited from the power of creativity and realized how big of a part ART has played in THEIR lives.

One sleepless night, searching on pinterest, Miss Gabi came across a boy holding a beautiful puzzle piece of a flying pig.  On the bottom it said “Anything is Possible.” This puzzle piece led Gabi to the puzzle art project.  Less than 24 hours after she emailed, Tim and Gabi spent over an hour on the phone talking about ART and how much they had in common.  Gabi decided that Tim’s Puzzle Project was the perfect community project to honor Mister Fred Roger’s life and Legacy.  So in June of 2016, Tim Kelly and his Puzzle Art Project came together to produce a 2,500 puzzle piece art exhibit in Latrobe, Pennsylvania..  2,500 puzzle pieces covered the walls of the Latrobe Art Center.  It was a very powerful empowering exhibit.  By joining forces, Gabi and Tim soon realized their unconditional love for art, and so the Art is Good Foundation was born.   The Art is Good Foundation has a global vision for the art program about "ART" and YOU."

Tim states:  “Art makes my heart palpitate. In fact, all things related to art do...old art,
new art, the appreciation of art, questions about art, answers about art, events related to art, clouds that form art, waves that sculpt artistically through the water, flowers that beautifully splash color & laughter with the wind and just about anything else with any connection to art. Art is good.”

The Puzzle Project is ARTSOLUTELY GOOD FOR EVERYONE.  The mission is to "make something meaningful to you".  You do not have to be an artist to create a puzzle piece, you just have to have a story to tell.  The Puzzle Project is in more than 30 states, and over 20 countries.  With over 15,000 unique pieces the project continues to grow and touch the hearts and lives of everyone!


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Part I of how the Puzzle Project came to Latrobe PA